Live Webinar: Use AppCode to Develop for the Pebble Smartwatch, March 31st

Join us Monday, March 31st, 14:00 – 15:00 GMT (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT) for our free webinar, Use AppCode to Develop for the Pebble Smartwatch, with Heiko Behrens.

While many have heard of AppCode’s great feature set with respect to iOS, it’s often forgotten how versatile this IDE actually is. Not only does it provide great refactorings and navigation tooling for Objective-C and CocoaPods, but works equally well for plain C, comes with powerful features for JavaScript, and even supports your existing workflow (e.g. Git and shell scripts). During this webinar Heiko will demo all of the above.

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The Pebble Smartwatch is one of the few available smart wearables with a broad user base. It provides an SDK and already integrates with products such as Runkeeper, Yelp, Foursquare, Pandora and the Mercedes Drive Kit. Heiko will show you how AppCode can help you to integrate your service with this exciting gadget.

  1. We will start with a simple iOS application in Objective-C that uses the Pebble Smartwatch as always-accessible I/O for your service right on your wrist.
  2. We will implement a stand-alone watch app based on the Pebble C-SDK and make it communicate with your iPhone via Bluetooth.
  3. We’ll take advantage of Pebble’s JavaScript Kit that augments our previous watch app with logic that conveniently runs on both iOS and Android to perform tasks one would not try on a small embedded device that offers no more than 24K of RAM to you.

Space is limited, please register now.

About the Presenter:

Heiko BehrensHeiko Behrens is a programmer, author, and public speaker with more than a decade of commercial software development, technical writing, and on-stage presentation experience. While mostly working on mobile projects nowadays, he has in-depth experience in a broad range of technologies, contributes to various open-source projects and sharpens his skills on related topics such as podcasting and hardware. Follow Heiko on Twitter @HBehrens.

For the latest AppCode news, please visit their blog and follow @AppCode on Twitter.

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11 Responses to Live Webinar: Use AppCode to Develop for the Pebble Smartwatch, March 31st

  1. Great news!
    // Sorry for meaningless comment above, feel free to delete it.

  2. Margaret Leber says:

    I’ve been wearing a Pebble connected to my Android phone since the Kickstarter Edition shipped. It rocks my world, and SDK 2.0 even more so.

  3. Tom says:

    Hi there, the link above doesn’t work. How can I register?



  4. Eric Goebelbecker says:

    Will we be able to get a recording of the webinar? I registered, but cannot attend the entire presentation.

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Hello Eric. Yes, we are recording the webinar and will publish it to JetBrains TV YouTube Channel. Stay tuned here for the announcement.

  5. Nathan Brown says:

    Hi JetBrains, are there any plans to re-run this Webinar due to the technical issues you guys experienced? I was very much looking forward to it as I’m sure were a lot of people, and so it would be great if he could give it another try.

    • Robert Demmer says:

      Hello Nathan,

      Heiko is planning to record the webinar content as a series of screencasts. Due to his heavy workload at the moment it has been delayed. We hope that in June we will be able to push some of these out to you.

      Thank you for your understanding.

  6. Anton says:


    Is there any update about sharing webinar video/screencast?

    Thanks a lot!

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