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0xDBE—Brand New IDE for DBAs and SQL Developers

Today we have some super exciting news to share with you.

Since its inception JetBrains has focused on making software development a more productive and enjoyable experience by providing developers with top-notch tools. Our products support Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, Objective-C and many other languages and platforms.

Today, JetBrains expands this list to databases. Meet 0xDBE—our brand new IDE for DBAs and SQL developers.

For years, we’ve been developing a range of database tools as part of our family of IDEs. Now these tools are becoming a separate IDE: for DBAs, SQL developers and just about everyone who works with databases or SQL files.

Though 0xDBE is still under heavy development, today we’re happy to announce the opening of it’s private EAP (Early Access Program), so you have a chance to become an early 0xDBE adopter.

For more details about 0xDBE see

To gain access to early builds of 0xDBE, please sign up for its private EAP:

Develop with Pleasure!
0xDBE Team

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