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JetBrains IDE Services: Streamlining Enterprise Management of IDEs and AI Tools to Foster Developer Productivity

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At JetBrains, innovation has always been our driving force. It’s what transformed us from a small startup founded by a group of passionate enthusiasts into a large developer-driven organization with an extensive portfolio of products – all bootstrapped.

As an enterprise business ourselves, we understand firsthand the challenges of navigating through a maze of code, tools, and teams to keep pace with the market. In the complex landscape of distributed engineering teams, deploying and overseeing IDEs and other developer tools for hundreds of developers can feel overwhelming.

With that in mind, we are releasing JetBrains IDE Services – a new product suite designed to alleviate these challenges for large organizations already using JetBrains products. It simplifies the management of JetBrains IDEs, remote development environments, and JetBrains AI, while enhancing productivity across entire engineering departments.

The suite caters to a range of users responsible for managing an enterprise’s tech stack purchased from JetBrains, including developer experience and developer productivity executives, CTOs, IT department leads, IT admins, and others.

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JetBrains IDE Services: What’s inside?

A sleek control panel simplifies the management of developer tools, providing developers with a seamless experience. The suite combines five essential products and services, each addressing specific pain points and available for use together or separately.

IDE Provisioner

Eliminate the headache of manually managing IDEs across the organization. With IDE Provisioner, admins can centralize and streamline IDE management, ensuring everyone has access to the right versions, settings, and plugins.

AI Enterprise

From code suggestions to intelligent refactoring, AI Enterprise empowers developers with AI-driven features while providing organizations with full control over security, spending, and efficiency measures.

License Vault

No more license juggling or compliance worries. License Vault automates the distribution of JetBrains IDE licenses for the entire organization, ensuring everyone has the tools they need to be productive.

Code With Me Enterprise

Whether your team is spread across the globe or working from the same office, this real-time collaborative programming solution ensures that everyone can work together seamlessly, all while keeping security front and center.


This self-hosted remote development environment orchestrator simplifies the setup and management of development environments.

“Development infrastructure for enterprises is challenging, as it requires a delicate balance between security, development velocity, and user experience. This constant juggling of priorities makes technical management exceedingly difficult for large organizations.

JetBrains IDE Services is an umbrella of products designed to help enterprises solve the most acute development infrastructure challenges. These products and services address hot topics such as on-premises AI, development tools provisioning, remote development, managing licenses on a large scale, and more.

Before releasing this suite to the public, we rigorously tested it with some of our largest customers. Their feedback was invaluable in shaping the final product, and I am genuinely  thrilled that JetBrains IDE Services is now live.”

Kirill Skrygan, JetBrains CEO

Security-first bundle

From making sure that developers use only approved tools to mitigating security risks by preventing the local storage of source code, JetBrains IDE Services provides a range of measures that make it safe to run in most secure networks and air-gapped environments.

“One of our core principles revolves around security and compliance, guaranteed by our on-premises deployment option. While this remains crucial, we anticipate further enhancements with the introduction of a managed cloud platform, promising greater convenience and adaptability for our users.”

Ernst Haagsman, Head of Product for JetBrains IDE Services

Getting started

JetBrains IDE Services is an advanced product suite covering a variety of use cases. For help getting the most out of the suite or its individual services, we recommend contacting our sales and product experts at JetBrains through our website. They’re standing by to provide dedicated support and ensure the product responds flawlessly to the unique needs of your organization.

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