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JetBrains Expands into South America

JetBrains has been serving the global community for many years. We have customers from all over the world; we support user groups, universities and open source projects in many different locations. However, we don’t always get to interact with many of these communities as much as we’d like. One very large community that definitely deserves more of our attention is the one of South America.

We support many communities in a variety of South American countries and we’d like to have more of a physical presence on the ground. For that reason we’re happy to announce that Anderson Casimiro, a well-known PHP Community leader from São Paulo, Brazil, has joined JetBrains Americas.

Anderson Casimiro“I was introduced to Anderson by two of my colleagues as a great community guy that was really out-going and helpful. From chatting to him and getting to know him more, I knew that he was the right fit for JetBrains. Anderson knows his stuff and will be helping us increase our presence in Brazil and other South American countries, covering various technologies.” said Hadi Hariri, Evangelism Team Lead.

Among Anderson’s daily activities will be that of creating content in Portuguese and Spanish that cover not only our products but also topics related to software development. For that we’ve created a dedicated blog located at

We look forward to increasing our interaction with the South American community as well as our presence at conferences and community gatherings. This effort is already underway and we hope to meet you soon!

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