TeamCity 9: Your 24/7 Build Engineer

The major update of the innovative Continuous Integration and Deployment server tool from JetBrains brings simple project rearrangement, versioned project settings, zero server maintenance downtime, and other new features for more flexible setup and maintenance of CI processes.

December 11, 2014

Prague, Czech Republic, December 11, 2014 — JetBrains, a world leader in professional software development tools, today announced the general availability of TeamCity 9, the new major release of its Continuous Integration and Deployment server.

TeamCity 9 is focused on providing enterprise development teams with more efficient ways to manage large project setups. Its new cutting-edge features simplify server maintenance and add lots of benefits for all team members, and especially build engineers.

Projects can now be easily rearranged between servers, while saving project history and user profiles. Charts are editable right from the TeamCity web interface, without having to deal with any XML. Project settings can be stored in version control systems, reviewed and audited, just like source code. Server cleanup has been moved into the background, for added team productivity and zero server maintenance downtime.

“We imagine TeamCity as a team member that’s always there for you, a ‘workhorse’ taking care of the tedious build management and CI routine to free up the development team for more exciting, higher-level development tasks. But, while this release makes build engineers lives much easier, we don’t stop there,” said Pavel Sher, TeamCity Project Lead. “We keep in mind the needs of our enterprise customers, especially those dealing with large instances and running CI servers for globally distributed teams, whose builds must be delivered non-stop. We’ve also added cloud integrations as a big step toward a hosted CI solution that you could rely on soon.”

TeamCity 9 offers the following new integrations (via non-bundled plugins) with industry-leading tools:

  • Microsoft Azure integration for scaling out the build farm on an as-needed basis. TeamCity will start as many agents in Azure cloud as necessary, and stop them once the workload drops down.
  • Remote TeamCity agents installed on VMware vSphere virtual machines can be used to process builds more efficiently. TeamCity analyzes the build queue and launches virtual machines with the TeamCity agents matching queued builds.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Online (VSO) can now be set up as your source control in TeamCity. Teams can link TeamCity builds and version control history with VSO Work Items, and receive TeamCity notifications directly in Team Rooms.

Additional enhancements in TeamCity 9 include:

  • Favorite builds to easily monitor particular builds and keep fewer tabs open in the browser.
  • Build time report displaying total build duration for the server and individual projects, allowing for a deeper drill-down.
  • Customizable behavior on snapshot dependency failure.
  • Per-project configuration of issue tracker integration.
  • Configurable Perforce VCS Root for monitoring Perforce streams. Server and agent-side checkout are both supported.
  • TeamCity inspections and duplicate code analysis tasks are now available for Gradle projects, in addition to previously supported IntelliJ IDEA and Maven projects.

To learn more about JetBrains TeamCity and download its free Professional edition, please visit its official website at

TeamCity is available for download as a stand-alone server. Professional license is free of charge and includes 3 build agents, 20 build configurations, and full access to all product features. Commercial plans for TeamCity start from $1,999/year and include 3 build agents, unlimited build configurations, priority email support, and 1-year subscription for software upgrades. For more details about TeamCity pricing, please see

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