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Webinar Recording: What’s New in ReSharper 9

The recording of our December 11th webinar with Matt Ellis, What’s New in ReSharper 9, is now available on JetBrains YouTube Channel. The slides to accompany this session are available on SlideShare.

We apologize for the technical issues we experienced with GoToWebinar that prevented us from conducting the second session. If you tried joining us and were not able to attend, please feel free to watch the recording and ask your questions in comments section below.

0:00 – Introduction
2:40 – Navigation
7:10 – Go To Action, Search in Options
10:50 – Code Formatting
13:05 – Code Style
16:01 – Inspections
23:10 – File Layout Editor
27:56 – Type Dependency Diagram
32:44 – Xamarin Forms
33:10 – Shared Project improvements
35:17 – Visual Studio 2015
37:16 – C# 6
41:58 – TypeScript
42:56 – Regular Expressions
46:05 – Code Completion Filters

Matt Ellis covers some of the new and exciting features coming with ReSharper 9. These include but are not limited to: Regular expression support, Visual Studio 2015 and C#6.0 support, Navigation improvements (Go to Action, Navigate to exposing APIs), Fix in scope evolution, Code style settings and Shared platform for all JetBrains .NET tools.

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2 Responses to Webinar Recording: What’s New in ReSharper 9

  1. Avatar

    Iafifa says:

    December 17, 2014

    I am not able to understand the topic Parameter info + generics. I am not getting the point that for what it is used for.

    • Avatar

      Matt Ellis says:

      December 17, 2014

      It’s an update to the TypeScript support – parameter info (as displayed in a tooltip) now understands and displays help for generic parameters to a function, not just function arguments. Which means we’ll display parameter info for the generic parameters in a function call such as “foo(5);” – the popup info will show that the generic parameter is called T, and will include any “extends” info.

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