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Adaptive Learning Content Competition

Being a developer means never stopping learning, and it’s one of the most challenging and exciting aspects of our profession. On the flip side, it also means sharing knowledge and teaching, welcoming and helping newcomers to become a part of the IT world.

If you feel the same and have any tech-related educational content you want to share, are interested in a totally new adaptive learning approach, and ready to compete for prizes of up to $10,000 – you’re welcome to take part in Stepik’s Learning Content Contest!


Why Adaptive Learning?

Over the last years we at JetBrains have been looking for better networking opportunities for professional developers and those who are just starting learning. We have created our own completely free and open source tool to help people learn programming with Python – PyCharm Educational Edition. And we’re not stopping there.

Thanks to integration with Stepik, a learning management and MOOC platform, the latest release of PyCharm Edu introduced a brand-new experimental Adaptive Python course which tailors the flow of tasks to each student’s individual progress.

Stepik and JetBrains are taking the first steps in adopting “adaptive learning” ideas to teaching programming, as we believe online education should be more student-oriented and with help from the community can provide the best content for everyone based on their needs and knowledge.

We also want to remind you that JetBrains supports students, teachers and educational institutions with free licenses for our desktop tools. As we believe in sharing experience, we also sponsor user groups, events and various educational projects.

Now head on to the Contest page and take part! If you have any questions, contact the organizers at or leave your comments to this blog post.

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