Welcome JetBrains Toolbox 2017.2 including a brand new Rider IDE

The summer (we’re mostly in the northern hemisphere) is the time for relaxing and having a break, but we at JetBrains have prepared the next big update of your toolset to give you a better user experience and more productivity gains yet. Read on for an overview of what’s new and improved in the 2017.2 update of each JetBrains Toolbox product.

In particular, don’t miss the latest addition to the family – JetBrains Rider, a new cross-platform .NET IDE based on both ReSharper and IntelliJ platforms.


WebStorm adds the powerful Move symbol refactoring and code coverage reports for Mocha, and allows running a single Karma test. Now you can also import code styles from ESLint configurations, reorder code inside classes with the Rearrange code action, use better code completion in JavaScript that respects webpack project’s configuration, and enjoy support for Angular Material and CSS Modules. Note that all WebStorm changes are also available in the other IntelliJ-based IDEs that support web development.

The DataGrip update is really important for PostgreSQL users: we’ve added support for several databases in one datasource. Also, if you use AWS Redshift or MS Azure, you’ll be glad to know DataGrip now supports these databases! Note that all DataGrip changes are also available in the other IntelliJ-based IDEs that offer database support.

PhpStorm brings notable improvements for working with Composer, support for Docker Compose, reworked polymorphic types support, support for PHP 7.2, automatic run of PHPUnit tests, and many other enhancements.

IntelliJ IDEA further embraces Java 9 and its new module system, introducing Module Diagrams to see the dependencies between the selected modules. The IDE also detects code that can be refactored to Java 9 and suggests appropriate modifications. New refactorings have been added for Java 8 as well, such as Extract Functional Parameter and others. There are also improvements in Spring Boot support, Gradle, Scala and Play framework integration, added support for the new features of Groovy 2.5.0, and integration with Kotlin 1.1.3.

The CLion update focuses on C++ parser correctness and overall performance improvements. It also comes with Clang-Tidy checks and quick-fixes built into the editor to help you ensure code quality. In addition, C++17 is now available in the New Project wizard.

PyCharm expands Docker Compose support to version 3 Docker Compose files and Docker Compose on Windows. Further improvements include support for SSH Agent, Azure Databases, and Amazon Redshift support.

AppCode adds the Extract Method refactoring, override/implement completion and new code formating options for Swift, __auto_type support for Objective-C, documentation improvements, and more!

RubyMine adds support for Docker Compose, in-editor RuboCop autocorrections, newly designed breadcrumbs for Ruby structure elements in the editor, and other improvements.

All IntelliJ-based IDEs have received a number of general enhancements, such as a better Windows 10 look-and-feel, an enhanced Find in Path UI, and better HiDPI support. Version controls support gets formatting options for commit messages, reverting and rewording of commits for Git, and a new Shelf UI reworked for performance and ergonomics.

ReSharper 2017.2 understands .NET Core 2.0 and C# 7.1, gets better at C# 7.0, provides more code inspections and context actions including new IEnumerable inspections, delivers many powerful navigation and search improvements, brings new C# typing assists, and levels up support for TypeScript, JavaScript, JSON, and Angular. In other ReSharper Ultimate news, dotMemory can now import Windows memory dumps, while ReSharper C++ gains a better understanding of C++11 and C++17. Read more about these and other changes in the ReSharper Ultimate suite.

Rider, our brand new .NET IDE, can help you develop ASP.NET, .NET Core, .NET Framework, Xamarin, and Unity applications on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It provides rich editing support and code insight for languages used in .NET development, from C#, VB.NET, and F# to ASP.NET Razor syntax, JavaScript, TypeScript, XAML, HTML, CSS, SCSS, JSON, and SQL. Read more about Rider and try it, as it comes free of charge with your All Products subscription!

If you have an active JetBrains Toolbox subscription for any of the above products, we recommend that you upgrade right away. Want an easier way to update your JetBrains tools? Check out our great Toolbox App.

We’d love to hear what updates or new features excite you most in 2017.2. Let us know in the comments!

Oh, and we’ve already started working on the 2017.3 updates. If you prefer to stay on the cutting edge, the teams will open early access for their products very soon.

Happy developing!

The Drive to Develop

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6 Responses to Welcome JetBrains Toolbox 2017.2 including a brand new Rider IDE

  1. JD says:

    This is great! I would really like to suggest having only 1 single IDE with the ability to add more languages as plugins. These different IDEs, with overlapping support.. just seems less than ideal. (can clion and intellij *really* not be combined?)

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Hi JD!
      Thanks for your thoughts. This is something we debate about too, from time to time.
      1 single IDE (to rule them all) has it’s pros and cons.
      It is quite difficult to create a universal tool that’s also good for solving specific tasks for specific technology. Tools focused for a specific area can do it better and will be easier to use. That’s our current understanding.
      And also from our experience the majority of developers still need a tool that’s focused around one technology, e.g. C++ or Python+Django or PHP.
      Of course we see a growing demand for universal tools too, and that’s why we have ‘All Products Pack’ now and we’re not denying a possibility that it will change. But we’ll see.

      As to your particular question about C/C++ plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, please check this task in our tracker and specifically, this last comment by CLion PMM. You are welcome to vote and take part in the discussion.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  2. Iain says:

    Rider is a fantastic addition and as a DevOps Architect who didn’t have a .Net Visual Studio background it meant I could be working with C# developers in no time. Not learning a new IDE and way of doing things meant I could looking through their code and projects using a tool I mostly knew how to drive.

  3. Tutuapp says:

    Thank you so much for the update I love using Toolbox app <3

  4. Good news, i wanna say thanks so much…

  5. Minecraft Mod Apk Download says:

    Thank you so much for the update I love using Toolbox app!

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