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Let’s celebrate the year’s achievements together!

With the year coming to an end, many of us tend to look back and reminisce about the things we’ve achieved during this year. As a software development community and as individual developers we have all reached new milestones, moved the industry forward, and learned new things on the way. Let’s look together at what we all accomplished in 2017 and celebrate our common drive to create great software!

For us, for example, there have been important announcements like the one at Google I/O, we’ve held our first ever Kotlin conference, our colleagues were elected to the JCP (Java Community Process) Executive committee, and, of course we released a number of new versions of all of our tools and two completely new products – Rider and GoLand. We developed new features, we fixed bugs, we participated in conferences to share what we know best, and we learned a lot. None of this would have been possible without the input from our community, our users, and the individuals within the company.

What about you? Did you learn a new programming language? Did you create an awesome new project, feature, or open source library? Did you have your first talk at a user group or a conference sharing what you know best? Did you fix an extremely complex issue and save the universe? Did you reproduce that bug when no one else could? Each milestone, big or small, they all make a difference!

Tweet about your software development related accomplishment with the hashtag #Developed2017 and let’s see how much the whole community has moved forward this year. (Please stick to the topic of software development as best you can.)

As it is also the time of the year for giving, we want to help you celebrate your incredible achievements. That’s why we’ve decided to raffle off some amazing prizes! To participate in the raffle, tweet about your achievement with the hashtags #Developed2017 and #JetBrainsRaffle.

From December 18th through December 22th, every day we’ll be randomly selecting 10 tweets with these two hashtags and giving away special prizes! Each day you’ll have the chance to win one of 10 personal yearly subscriptions to All Products pack. If you didn’t win on a certain day, you can try again, and again, until you do.

So share your achievements from this year with the hashtags #Developed2017 and #JetBrainsRaffle, help the world see how much the whole community has accomplished, and end the year on a high with a gift from JetBrains to help you develop into next year!

UPD: Check out all the amazing achievements people are sharing and tell everyone about yours!

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