The Developer Ecosystem 2018: What is driving the programming world

Update (November 5th): We’ve published the raw data. Check it out!

Did you know that in 2018 …?

– The top 3 primary programming languages are Java, JavaScript, and Python.

– One out of five Kotlin developers works in a company of more than 5,000 employees.

– Programmers are moving away from self-hosted and on-premises solutions and embracing major cloud providers.

– Developers are sleeping more hours a day, on average, compared with 2017.

We at JetBrains have revealed these and dozens of other significant facts about developers and technologies after running our annual Developer Ecosystem survey.

To identify what is driving the world of code in 2018, and how these trends compare with 2017, we’ve collected and analyzed the opinions of more than 6,000 developers from 17 countries.

Same as last year, we are now sharing the most interesting findings and insights of 2018. We also applied the same Methodology as we did last year, to make it possible to compare the current results with the Developer Ecosystem 2017.

The State of Developer Ecosystem 2018The Developer Ecosystem 2018 infographics cover even more topics about us developers, including Programming languages (now with Go and Kotlin sections), Development environments, Databases, Team tools, Open source, Cloud technologies, DevOps, and new Fun facts about us developers.

View The State of Developer Ecosystem 2018 Report

The study consisted of 150+ questions, though not all were included in the report. The full results will be shared later when we publish the anonymized raw data. Stay tuned!

Of course, we’ll continue tracking the development trends and will run our Developer Ecosystem survey again in 2019. If you want to be a part of it, join our Survey Panel!

The Drive to Develop

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2 Responses to The Developer Ecosystem 2018: What is driving the programming world

  1. Avatar

    Keith says:

    June 7, 2018

    Exactly what method did you use to do this survey?

    I think you need to be careful not to misrepresent what your data tells you. It looks like you do not have a good random sample of developers as you can see obvious bias in the data that completely mismatches other developer surveys

    Perhaps a better title would be “The state of Jetbrains Developer Ecosystem in 2018…”

    • Avatar

      Anastasia Chumak says:

      June 8, 2018

      Thanks for your feedback.

      We are aware of the fact that all online surveys are biased in one way or another. We took the following steps to reduce possible biases:

      1) Report results include only responses coming from advertising channels not explicitly affiliated with JetBrains, including Twitter ads, Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

      2) We applied population weights for post-stratification of Infographic data, to correct for the fact that countries with similar sample sizes may have different actual numbers of developers, as well as to present differences in the number of students in different countries.

      3) To minimize possible bias against non-English-speaking respondents, we conducted the survey in 6 languages.

      Despite these measures, some bias is likely present as our users may have been more willing on average to complete the survey. Please check our Methodology section for more details.

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