Data Science Survey 2018: Raw Data Available

In the spring of 2018, we conducted the Data Science survey where we asked people from all over the world working with data to tell us about their work, tools, and practices. We distributed this survey via targeted ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reduce any possible bias in the results towards our JetBrains audience. We collected about 400 sets of responses from the USA, Japan, and China, and used quotas to get another 400 responses from European countries.

The main results of the research are presented in our Data Science 2018 infographics. And now we’ve also made the raw data available for download.

Data Science Survey 2018: Raw data available

To make the data more discoverable and easier to analyze, we’ve created a dataset on the Kaggle platform. This dataset is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. We’ve also prepared a kernel with a set of useful functions that may help you analyze the data.

Go ahead, start digging into the data, and don’t forget to join our Survey Panel!

The Drive to Develop

P.S. To start working with the dataset (e.g. download the data or copy and edit the kernel), you have to be registered on Kaggle. It’s free.

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