Developer Ecosystem Survey 2019: Raw Data Available

To monitor the rapidly changing State of the Developer Ecosystem, we, at JetBrains every year conduct a comprehensive survey to represent the developers in the world.

Earlier this year we presented the results of the research in our Developer Ecosystem Infographic. You can find plenty of interesting charts and facts we have carefully prepared for you in it. But imagine, how many hidden insights the data may still contain. The survey consisted of more than 300 questions in addition to the ones presented in the infographic.

The Raw Data is In

Now, as usual, we are publicly sharing the raw data of the survey responses. So you can dig deeper and find your own amazing facts. Via the link, you can find the survey questions and survey logic as well.

 Get Developer Ecosystem Survey Raw Data

To reduce possible bias, only the responses from advertisements and referrals were included in the Infographics (which is about 7,000 respondents), while this shared dataset includes all the 19,000+ responses collected from both internal and external channels.

Please keep in mind that your figures might be different from what we have in the report as we applied weighting to our data. For more information check the Methodology section.

The data are anonymized, with no personal information or geolocation details. Moreover, to prevent the identification of any individual respondents by their verbatim comments, all open-ended fields are omitted. We have also merged any answer options that collected fewer than 15 responses into the “Other” answer option. Via the link, you can find the survey questions and survey logic as well.

If you have any questions regarding the survey or data please contact us at

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