Developer Ecosystem 2020: Raw Survey Data Ready to Be Explored

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We’re releasing the raw data from the Developer Ecosystem Survey 2020. This is our fourth annual research study conducted among software developers around the world in which we aim to show the current state of the software development industry including its many technologies, tools, and practices.

The infographics – The State of Developer Ecosystem 2020, we published earlier this year include only some of the most interesting results and takeaways that can be gleaned from the raw data. You are welcome to download the data and dig deeper into it to uncover your own fascinating facts and insights. There are plenty of potential data slices waiting to be explored, including differences between countries, languages, application types, and many other statistics.

The Raw Data is In

Our published infographics were based on the 20,000 responses collected from 18 countries. The current dataset consists of 23,589 responses, including those collected from outside of the initially targeted countries. It also includes all of the 300+ original survey questions, some of which did not make it into the report.

The data is anonymized. To prevent any identification of respondents, we have removed all personal information and geolocation details, as well as all the verbatim comments to open questions. We have also merged any answer options that had fewer than 15 responses into the “Other” answer option.

This year we included the weights we used to create the report, so you will be able to reproduce the results given in our infographics if you wish. For more details about our approach to weighting data, please see the Methodology section.

Download the file, which includes the survey questions, survey logic, short name interpretation, license, and the data itself, and start digging!

 Get Developer Ecosystem Survey Raw Data

If you have any questions regarding the survey or the raw data, please write to us at

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