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Toolbox App 1.23 Released!

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TL;DR: Onboarding for new users, UI improvements, and bug fixes.

You will find a lot of improvements when updating your Toolbox App to the new 1.23 version, including login authorization improvements, app performance improvements, and the usual bunch of bug fixes.

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We’ve added an onboarding process to help new users quickly set up the Toolbox App and select their preferred theme and language right from the start. It will also guide new users through all the essential features with quick tips.

As for the UI improvements, we moved the Log in action to the Toolbox menu, so users can quickly log in to their JetBrains Account. The About link is also now available from the main Toolbox menu.

The bug fixes in this release include:

The full list of 1.23 features and bug fixes is available here.


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