Participate in the Developer Ecosystem Survey 2022!

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Welcome to our sixth annual Developer Ecosystem Survey! Please lend us 30 minutes of your time and help us deepen our knowledge of the developer community and how it has changed over the past year. We want to know where the industry is headed in 2022 so that we can make sure our products continue to serve you most effectively. Your answers are paramount in making this happen!

Participation will enter you into a raffle for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • MacBook Pro 16
  • Geforce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card
  • PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X
  • $300 Amazon gift card
  • JetBrains All Products Pack or JetBrains Academy

We will choose the winners randomly from those who complete the survey with meaningful answers. The results of the prize draw will be announced via email on July 15, 2022.

Start the survey

As always, in summer we will share the infographics with lots of stats and interesting insights. If you feel like diving even deeper down the rabbit hole, we’ll make the anonymized raw data available for you to sift through.

Once we have processed all of the responses, you will also receive personalized infographics that show you what sets you apart from other developers in the community.

Our last survey had an outstanding turnout of more than 30,000 participants, but we’re always looking for more insight! That is why we’re holding an additional raffle for those who recruit their friends. Simply share the link provided on the last page of the survey and you’ll get the chance to win an additional prize.

We are greatly appreciative of every contribution. Your voice counts!



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