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Introducing the Brand New JetBrains Merchandise Store

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You’ve been waiting for it, and now the JetBrains Merchandise Store is just a click away! 

Wear your love for coding on your sleeve, on a tote bag, or on your laptop. However you want to display your passion, the brand-new JetBrains merchandise store has you covered!

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What we have on offer for you

We offer a wide variety of essential gear, like T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and pins, as well as other JetBrains and product-branded apparel and accessories. 

All of our items are made with high-quality materials to ensure that they are long-lasting and enjoyable to use, and most of our clothing is made of organic cotton. We plan to expand our product line gradually after listening to the feedback from fans. Moreover, we’re already working on minimizing our environmental footprint, and will continue doing so. 

Our items are shipped worldwide (except for some countries) from a warehouse in Germany, with delivery terms and costs varying from country to country. Check out the store FAQ for more details, and don’t hesitate to contact the Customer Support team if you have any questions.

What’s next? 

The JetBrains store has a lot of quality gear, but it still has a lot of room to grow! While we are successful in creating software development tools you love, a fan shop is a different story. 

We are still learning what makes the perfect piece of merchandise and identifying the best process for getting the products into your hands. We want to ensure that your experience with the store is as satisfying as the tools you enjoy using. 

We’ve got an experienced managing partner and store provider, Brand Addition, who’s supporting us along the way, but we are also keen to know what you think.

Stock up on JetBrains gear from our shop and show it off in action! 

Share photos or videos of yourself using our items on social media, and be sure to tag @jetbrains or our products and add the #JetBrainsGear hashtag.

Shop JetBrains Gear

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