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JetBrains Annual Highlights 2024

It’s that time of the year – the JetBrains Annual Highlights are here!

For over two decades, JetBrains has been on a mission to make professional software development a more productive and enjoyable experience. From our humble beginnings back in 2000, we have grown into a global company that both creates some of the world’s leading software development products and enhances the tech industry through innovation, education, leadership, community engagement, and strategic partnerships.

Now with over 2,200 employees and offices in 13 locations, we’re honored that some 11 million users consistently choose our tools. We’re particularly proud to call 88 Fortune Global Top 100 companies our valued customers.

We have always strived to make the users of JetBrains products better software developers by allowing them to focus on what really matters – writing excellent code. And 2023 was no exception!

This past year was filled with major highlights, including exciting business developments, steady growth, and the release of new features, products, and services, the most notable being the new UI for JetBrains IDEs, JetBrains AI, and RustRover, a feature-rich IDE dedicated for development in the Rust language.

JetBrains actively collaborates with other tech companies and industry leaders to shape the future of software development and technology. As the creator of the Kotlin language and a founding member of the Kotlin Foundation, we were thrilled to bring back KotlinConf after a three-year hiatus. In April 2023, over a thousand developers, techies, and Kotlin enthusiasts gathered in Amsterdam to meet, network, and discuss all things Kotlin.

Beyond crafting state-of-the-art technology and tools, JetBrains maintains a core focus on supporting the community and encouraging a new generation of computer science educators and learners through initiatives spearheaded by JetBrains Academy.

For a detailed overview of all of our achievements and noteworthy moments from 2023, dive into the JetBrains Annual Highlights.

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