JetBrains CEO Transition

The 1st of February 2024 will mark the 24th birthday of JetBrains. For more than two decades, JetBrains has gone from a company with a single product and one office, to a multinational entity with over 2000 people spread across 40 locations, and more than 30 products and services. 

As we move towards a new era, in which AI is playing a transformative role, we have established a great base on which to build on and move this company forward. As part of this new phase, Kirill Skrygan, who has been with JetBrains since 2010 and for the past couple of years has been leading the IntelliJ Department will be stepping up as CEO effective February 1st 2024. 

We remain strongly committed to our customers and partners and will continue to provide the products and services that they have come to expect and rely on us for. We’d like to specially mention Kotlin and The Kotlin Foundation in that it is strategic for JetBrains, and we will continue to invest into the language and ecosystem.Kirill Skrygan

The company would like to take this opportunity to show its heartfelt gratitude to Maxim Shafirov. Maxim has been with the company since 2002, and for the last 11,5 years he has served as CEO. His commitment and leadership have helped establish JetBrains as the leading tool provider in the developer market, and a company which we are all proud of. 

For 22 years, I have been privileged to work with some of the most wonderful, intelligent, and above all, caring people. Now, looking forward, I feel proud and empowered to see the company I have helped build, set even more ambitious goals, and people accepting the challenges ahead and growing professionally, while remaining vivid and caring both about what they do, and about each other.Maxim Shafirov

It is a transformative time in the developer and IT industry as a whole. With us having over two decades of experience catering to the developer community, we understand not only the needs of our customers but the challenges ahead. We firmly believe that with the strong foundation we have built, we will be at the forefront of providing the best tools for developers for years to come.

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