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New CLion EAP: create new class, make all, biicode


Today we are glad to announce availability of the new CLion EAP build. Download it from our confluence page right away, and share your feedback with us. A variety of new and long-awaited features and many important bug fixes were introduced in this build. Let’s have a look at the most valuable of them.

Create new C++ class, source file or header
When pressing Alt+Insert (on Windows/Linux) or Cmd+N (on OS X) in Project view or selecting New in the context menu there, you’ll find several new options:

  • C++ Class generates a pair of a source file and a header, including header in the source file and creating class stub in the header file:
  • C/C++ Source File generates a simple source file, you can also select to create an associated header with it.
  • C/C++ Header File generates a simple header file.

In all three cases you can also select the targets in which the files need to be included, and CLion will automatically update the appropriate CMakeLists.txt in your project.
Give this new feature a try and provide your comments and feedback to us. Any related issues are very welcome to our tracker.

Make all
Default “all” target for CMake project is supported now, that means you can find it in the configurations list, edit and select it for build and run. To run this configuration CLion asks you to select an executable. In general the IDE allows you now to change the executable for any configuration of your choice or even make configuration not runnable by changing this value to “Not selected”.

CMake actions in main menu
There are a couple of useful CMake actions that we’ve placed into CMake tool window. And now we’ve decided to add CMake section to Tools menu:
We’ve also placed Reload CMake Project action in File and Project View context menus for you convenience.

Other important changes include:

  • A while ago we’ve updated CLion to use PTY as an I/O unit for running your targets. Now Linux and OS X users will get the same behaviour while debugging.
  • A problem on OS X with debugger not stopping on breakpoints in class and template methods is fixed now.
  • Latest CLion EAP build has CMake/GCC/Clang output coloring enabled so that you can find your way through the resulted output easier. If you still prefer the non-colored output use CMAKE_COLOR_MAKEFILE=OFF for CMake output, -fno-color-diagnostics flag for Clang and -fno-diagnostics-color for GCC.
  • An issue with no flush to console without \n was fixed.

And last but not least, biicode, a C/C++ dependency manager, can now be used easily together with CLion! Get the details in our separate blog announcement.

The full list of fixed issues can be found in our tracker.

Develop with pleasure,
The CLion Team

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