CLion 1.0.2 update

Hi everyone,

The second update, CLion 1.0.2, is available for download. You’ll also get an automatic notification about this update right in the IDE, or can do CLion | Check for Updates manually.

A long list of fixes and improvements can be found in our tracker. Here are a few worth mentioning:

  • Since this version CLion supports Cygwin 2.0.0 and MinGW-w64 4.0 toolchains.
  • Create new C++ class dialog now will try to evaluate and suggest you the correct CMake targets name even if add_executable or add_library commands contain variables and not the direct target name. This still can fail for some complicated cases when the variable value is set in some other file or in non-top level constructs.
  • Since now you can select to declare function parameter as const while extracting parameter in CLion:
  • The getter/setter generation (Alt+Insert on Linux/Win; ⌘N on OS X) was improved greatly with this build. First, setters are available for union members now. Second, we’ve fixed the behavior for arrays – the correct getters are generated for one-dimensional arrays (can be also static); incorrect code that was generated before in all other cases was removed. By the way, for static members CLion now reasonably suggests static setters.
  • Getters are now inlined correctly (CPP-374).
  • Taking about debug, we’ve fixed a couple of annoying problems: one with command timed out on Windows while stopping on a breakpoint (CPP-840); other is about program execution stop under debug that didn’t work in some cases (CPP-3235).
  • A PTY related failure was fixed for the case when path to CLion contains ‘+’ symbol.

Check the update and let us know what you think.

Your CLion Team

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