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CLion 2024.1.4 Is Out! Nova Now Available by Default for New Users

Since November 2023, our team has been diligently working on the implementation of the ReSharper C++/Rider C++ language engine. This project was initiated with a clear focus on our users, aiming to address the long-standing performance and quality issues of CLion, which were caused by the usage of the slowly performing engine.

The most notable benefits for our users are as follows:

  • Faster highlighting speeds, especially in the case of incremental code updates
  • A more responsive UI
  • Faster Find Usages
  • Significantly fewer freezes and hangs when refactoring
  • Faster test indexing

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that a new, more powerful language engine (also known as Nova) is now available by default for all new users right after the installation!

If, after installation, CLion detects no settings from its previous installation, or if a user chooses not to import them, the new language engine will be enabled.

Download build 241.18034.45 from our website, through the Toolbox App, as a snap package for Ubuntu, or via a patch from inside the IDE and experience exceptional performance and efficiency.


As promised in the roadmap for the 2024.2 release, we’re still working hard to close the feature gap between the classic language engine and the new one. Once this work is complete, we’ll make the new engine the default option for existing users.

We also encourage you to try the ReSharper C++ language engine, which can be enabled via Advanced Settings. To do so, go to Settings / Preferences | Advanced Settings | CLion | Use the ReSharper C++ language engine (CLion Nova).

Your feedback matters to us! Share your ideas in the comments section below or submit them to our issue tracker. We’re also interested in scheduling short calls with our users to learn about specific cases in more detail. Let us know if you’re willing to share your feedback about the new engine by commenting below!


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