CLion 1.2 roadmap


Since CLion 1.1 came out, we’ve spent 2 weeks sorting out your feedback and looking into our plans. Then we got together and discussed the roadmap for CLion 1.2, and today we are ready to share it with you.

In brief, we are planning the next release to be out before winter with many improvements in various areas: debug, performance, parser, CMake support. And we hope to have Google Test on board in CLion 1.2. See the detailed plan below.

Please note it’s a preliminary plan, so we can’t guarantee that all of the features listed below will be ready for CLion 1.2, as well as other features may be included unexpectedly.

  • Google Test support.
  • Continue the work on project scopes, started in CLion 1.1.
  • Further C++ parser fixes and improvements.
  • CMake intellisense, especially variables and custom commands completion.
  • Debug: attach to process feature and performance improvements.
  • Overall performance improvements.

Stay tuned not to miss the EAP launch!

Develop with pleasure,
The CLion Team

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