C++ team on the move! Meet us in the USA


September is a good time for travelling, and our C++ team is on the move! Next week we’ll be in the USA visiting Chicago C/C++ Users Group and having two talks there, Thursday, September 17:

Dmitri NesterukCross-compiling to C++ by Dmitri Nesteruk

Thinking of designing your own language? A noble goal, but can you afford thousands of man-years in compiler fine-tuning and optimization? What if, instead, you could just cross-compile to an existing language where all the investment has already been made, and get the best of both worlds: your preferred syntax as well as good performance and portability.

In this talk, we’ll take a look at how to use the Boost Spirit library to do exactly that: design our own domain specific language that can be safely and reliably converted to C++. We’ll take a look at issues associated with parsing and translation and discuss ways in which your new language can perform on-the-fly code improvements, pre-empting the optimizing C++ compiler that follows.

Anastasia KazakovaCan you make me more productive with a C++ IDE? by Anastasia Kazakova

For us, productive development means a possibility to create, while an IDE takes care of the mundane tasks for you. In this talk, we’ll address many development tasks that can be covered by an IDE, sharing Tips&Tricks for CLion, our cross-platform IDE for C and C++ development.

Come and learn how to change the signature of a function safely in one click, override a parent’s function in one simple shortcut, find any unreachable code and even perform a data flow analysis on your C/C++ code base.

We’ll be happy to meet and chat with you there! Join the meetup.

The following week the biggest C++ event comes to Bellevue, Washington – CppCon 2015! We are really looking forward to this conference and meeting as many attendees as possible. We have great things to show you!

The CppCon event includes an exhibition that will be opened during the two conference days, Tuesday and Wednesday, September 22-23. We’ll be happy to show you CLion, AppCode and ReSharper C++ demos, answer any questions, share tips & tricks and just chat about C++ development at our booth.

See you in the USA,
The JetBrains team

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