New CLion 1.2 EAP (build 142.5047.10) is here

Welcome our new CLion 1.2 Early Access Program build. As usual download it from our site or get a patch update, in case you are using previous EAP build.

Debugger improvements
References are now displayed correctly during debug:
In case you are using GDB in CLion, please, note that evaluation of rvalue references is not yet supported by GDB itself.

Correct rendering for arrays of wide/unicode characters for GDB was introduced:
LLDB case in still in development since char16_t and char32_t arrays are not handled correctly (CPP-4587).

Git Branch Operations from VCS Log Viewer
One of the previous EAP builds introduced an opportunity to access Git branch operations related to a particular change right from the context menu in the VCS Log Viewer. With this build it includes Rebase action as well:

Other changes

  • Incorrect warning about ‘Value escapes the local scope’ was fixed (CPP-807).
  • Configured build output directories are excluded from the project scope immediately, now you don’t need to reload the project.
  • Visual Source Safe plugin is now available for CLion.
  • JavaScript debugger is now included into CLion.

Adjust for color deficiency
And last but not least, we are trying to make our tools friendlier for people with color blindness. With this in mind, the new feature available in the IntelliJ platform has come to CLion as well, and helps adjusting for color deficiency:
Currently, we support only the red-green color deficiency. If this is what you have, we really appreciate if you enable the corresponding option in Settings/Preferences | Appearance & Behaviour | Appearance | Adjust for color deficiency, and share how it works for you here in comments.

The full list of enhancements is available by the link.

Develop with pleasure,
The CLion Team

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11 Responses to New CLion 1.2 EAP (build 142.5047.10) is here

  1. Pavel says:

    A lot of improvements, but still no fixes for CRTP mixins. :(

  2. Doaxan says:

    Very good, but I would like to see at least in terms GUI Builder that would be wonderful.

  3. Syndog says:

    Speaking as someone who’s lived with colorblindness all my life, THANK YOU! ♥

  4. SirAuron says:

    What about the “attach to process” feature which was at the roadmap for version 1.2 ? I can’t find anything about that inside the what’s new in version 1.2!?

    For me this feature is very important, we need it alongside with the Makefile support. Without that we can’t use CLion in our company. And i really like to use it, cause of it’s very good C++ indexing features.

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      It was not finished unfortunately, so attach to local process is moved to 1.5 release. Hope to come with it soon.
      See the complete roadmap for 1.5:

      • SirAuron says:

        Thank you for the fast reply. So i will have to wait a little bit longer for version 1.5 and then wait again for the Makefile support. But i think it’s worth the waiting.

        Did you noticed that there is no all-in-one development solution for C/C++ in Linux? Oh of course there are two but they really have some huge shortcoming’s in terms of useability and C++ indexing / Refactoring functionality. Many of us use vi(m) editor for editing source files because of this!

        Till then i still have to use Eclipse and/or NetBeans or even worse, vi(m) editor :-(

  5. Kamairo says:

    CLion is a really good IDE, yet there are some details missing to make it a great IDE.
    1. Remote Debugging
    2. Support for other toolchains/custom builds
    3. More flexibility for CMake (i.e. manually changing which files are considered project files, parsing the “SOURCE” tag correctly)

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      Thanks for the feedback. We agree that all these points are important. And actually they are planned. Let me go one by one:
      1. Remote debugging is planned here: For the upcoming 1.5 version the attach to local process is planned, then we’ll consider remote one and then the whole remote debugging infrastructure.
      2. Some potential build tools are logged in subtasks here: Most likely, Makefiles are going to come next.
      3. As for the flexibility, the upcoming release will include a new feature that allows users to mark directories manually as library/sources/excluded from the project. This would most probably be a solution. However what’s the problem with the SOURCE tag?

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