CLion 1.2 Release Candidate

CLion 1.2 Release Candidate (build 143.379) is out today with all the final fixes and improvements! This build is now available for download from our website. (Since it’s a release candidate build, there is no patch-update from the previous EAP version.)

On the new Coming in 1.2 page you can find the details about all the new features available in CLion v1.2.

In comparison to the previous EAP build:

  • CLion supports the following features for template parameters now:
    • Find Usages (CPP-3186),
    • Rename (CPP-2565),
    • Quick Fix to remove unused template parameter.
  • False unreachable code inspection in for(;;) loop was fixed.
  • This build also introduces one more performance improvement in GDB driver – in case of stepping with large amount of local variables it could be slow due to the creation of extra GDB variables.

Another change in this build was introduced mostly due to this issue and affects only OS X users. Currently native file chooser dialogs won’t be available in CLion, until we resolve crashes and focus problems described in this issue. If you haven’t experienced any problems like that you can switch the native dialogs on in Registry (call Help | Find Action with Shift+Cmd+A and type Registry), find ide.mac.file.chooser.native parameter and change the value there. However we do not recommend doing this for better IDE experience.

The full list of fixed issues is as usual available in the release notes.

Please note that to use CLion 1.2 RC you need to have an active license (or start a 30-day evaluation period). Feel free to report any feedback to our issue tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
The CLion Team

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