CLion 1.2.3 bug fix update


Today we are glad to announce that CLion 1.2.3 bug fix update is available for download. In case you are using CLion 1.2.2, patch-update is available.

This build addresses a problem with the frozen Move directory/file dialog on OS X platform. We’ve got several reports in our tracker (CPP-5215, CPP-5357) and a lot of similar reports all over the IntelliJ platform (IDEA-146691). We are sorry for the inconvenience and suggest you to update in case you are using OS X platform for running CLion.

Linux and Windows users may skip the update.

In case you’d like to evaluate new features coming in CLion 1.5, try our Early Access Program build, announced recently.

We also wish you a Merry Christmas!
May all your wishes come true next year, and if some of them are about CLion – let us now!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
JetBrains CLion Team

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