CLion 2016.1 Release Candidate

Hi everyone,

We are approaching the final steps towards the CLion 2016.1 release, so it would be a good time to explain where the 2016.1 version number has come from.

As you may know, this release was previously announced as 1.5. So you might ask, is this a major or minor upgrade?

In fact it’s kind of both, because it’s got enough important features to qualify as a major upgrade, but at the same time, it’s versioned as a minor upgrade. So what gives?

Well, with the move to a subscription model, we planned to release more often and move away from major/minor versioning scheme, focusing on continuously delivering value independently of versioning. This along with aligning versioning and releases of all the products under the JetBrains Toolbox, are the reasons for the versioning change from 1.5 to 2016.1.

To find out more about this, please check the post we’ve just published on our company blog.

From the C++ side this build addresses a few issues:

  • Incorrect code generation when using iter live template (CPP-5987).
  • False “local variable assigned but never accessed” warning when using Google Tests (CPP-1012).
  • Code analysis failure when std::string and const char[] are concatenated (CPP-4681).

Another change affects our Swift plugin. Now you don’t need to download a separate .jar file – install the plugin from our repository instead.

Find the full release notes by the link.

CLion 2016.1 Release Candidate (build 145.256) is out today and available for download. Or get a patch-update if you are using previous EAP build. (The patch-update is not available on Windows platform this time. We are sorry for the inconveniences.)

On the new Preview Next Version page on our site you can find the details about all the new features coming to CLion 2016.1. And if you find any bug at all, please file an issue in our tracker.

The CLion Team
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