CLion 2016.1.2 RC


CLion 2016.1.2 Release Candidate (build 145.970.11) is available for download. In case you have 2016.1 or 2016.1.1 versions installed, patch-update will become available during a couple of hours.

Most important issues addressed in this build are related to the console output in CLion:

  • CLion sometimes failed to show the linker error output in the message tool window (CPP-6325). The problem is fixed now.
    Please, don’t forget to revert run.processes.with.pty setting in the register, in case you were using this workaround to avoid the problem.
  • There is a related problem with missing stdout output (CPP-6354) fixed in this build.
  • Console output in CLion now supports ANSI color ESC sequences (please, mind that under the MinGW some issues are still present – we do hope to address them later).

There are also fixes for the broken link in quick documentation pop-up (CPP-5926) and a parsing error in case of an ‘in’ loop variable (CPP-4391).

Full release notes can be found by the link.

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