CppCast welcomes CLion: a year in review

CppCast, a famous podcast for C++ developers hosted by Rob Irving and Jason Turner, welcomes back Anastasia Kazakova, CLion Product Marketing Manager. Last time we met a year ago, before CLion 1.0 was launched, and talked about CLion’s goals, hopes and expectations. Now we meet again to overview CLion’s first year. Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Main changes and events for CLion and the C++ team in JetBrains over this year.
  • General trends in how CLion’s features are used.
  • Discussion of CLion’s user base.
  • Any option to get CLion licenses for free?
  • What’s next on the roadmap?
  • CLion as an IDE not only for C and C++. What are other languages and options are there?
  • Some technical details on how CLion works with CMake and future plans for other build systems.
  • CLion’s C++ parser discussion, along with clang as an option.

Sounds interesting? Listen to the episode here.

Anastasia KazakovaA C/C++ fan since university, Anastasia has been creating real-time *nix-based systems and pushing them to production for 8 years. She has a passion for networking algorithms (especially congestion problems and network management protocols) and embedded programming, and believes in good tooling. Now she is a part of the JetBrains team working as a Product Marketing Manager for CLion.

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6 Responses to CppCast welcomes CLion: a year in review

  1. Roman says:

    I did not understood an explanation why you need cmake internal project representation to correctly parse C++ code. Can you please show some code sample that could not be parsed correctly without this cmake data, or elaborate this topic in details?

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      We use CMake to get full information about the projects: sources, headers search paths, information about the compiler including compiler flags and compiler predefined macro. For sure, another build system can provide this info as well, but the interface to get it will be different. For now it’s only CMake.

  2. Olof says:


    vi users _represent_!

    I’m happy to hear you are a vi fan. I was worried about the future of the IdeaVim plugin future but now I will sleep like a baby.

    I enjoyed the podcast.

  3. Axel says:


    are there any Episodes online where you are talking about the highly voted Code Folding issues in CLion which are not assigned to any Developer in your Team for more than one Year?

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:


      Could you please specify which tickets exactly are you talking about?
      We have quite a lot in the roadmap, but unassigned tickets do not mean they are not on our radar. Anyway, if you point which one do you mean, we’ll check what’s going on there and if there are any plans upcoming.

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