CLion 2016.3 EAP: digit separators support


Another week brings another EAP build, 163.4830.5. Read the highlights below and give it a spin. As usual, your feedback is welcome in the comments section below and in our tracker.

Digit separators, C++14

Since C++14 number literals may use single-quote character as a digit separator. This makes it easier for developers to “parse” large numbers while reading the code. CLion can parse it correctly now as well:

sizeof() analysis fixes

CLion evaluates sizeof() expressions in your code and uses the result in the code analysis. However, in some situations the calculation was wrong, which brought the false-positives (CPP-4432). This EAP fixes the problem, taking into account the specific of the platform you are compiling for. (By the way, do you think platform-dependant code analysis should be on by default? Share your thoughts with us!)

Other fixes

Other fixes include:

  • Import project functionality (for those who don’t have a CMake project and still want to try CLion) was accidentally broken in EAP. Now it’s back.
  • Quick Documentation didn’t work in case of not exported functions (CPP-7446).
  • Several fixes for CMake output window (CPP-7505, CPP-7507).

Full release notes are available by the link.

Download the build or get a patch update in case you are using previous CLion EAP, build 163.4396.13.

Download CLion 2016.3 EAP

Your CLion Team

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13 Responses to CLion 2016.3 EAP: digit separators support

  1. crod says:

    Updating symbols is painful, when modifying CmakeLists.txt. It is barely usable.

    Could this be done *in memory*, and then flushed to disk in a background thread, or similar speed ups. Changing one CMAKE variable, and waiting two minutes, on a relatively small C++ project on an SSD, with 48 cores and gigs of RAM, on a server class machine I use to develop, seems like a long time when editing code.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Hi Anastasia,

    Regarding your request for feedback of the sizeof analysis. It would probably be most useful if the sizeof calculations would consider all possible platforms and report if there was an issue on at least one of them. But I am not sure how much CPU time that would require.

  3. HGH says:

    Could you please implement some c++17 syntax soon like nested namespaces (supported by all compilers now) and maybe the structured bindings (supported by none). Please keep ahead by what clang is supporting as others follow soon after that. Our code is cross platform.H GH

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