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CLion 2016.3 EAP: digit separators support


Another week brings another EAP build, 163.4830.5. Read the highlights below and give it a spin. As usual, your feedback is welcome in the comments section below and in our tracker.

Digit separators, C++14

Since C++14 number literals may use single-quote character as a digit separator. This makes it easier for developers to “parse” large numbers while reading the code. CLion can parse it correctly now as well:

sizeof() analysis fixes

CLion evaluates sizeof() expressions in your code and uses the result in the code analysis. However, in some situations the calculation was wrong, which brought the false-positives (CPP-4432). This EAP fixes the problem, taking into account the specific of the platform you are compiling for. (By the way, do you think platform-dependant code analysis should be on by default? Share your thoughts with us!)

Other fixes

Other fixes include:

  • Import project functionality (for those who don’t have a CMake project and still want to try CLion) was accidentally broken in EAP. Now it’s back.
  • Quick Documentation didn’t work in case of not exported functions (CPP-7446).
  • Several fixes for CMake output window (CPP-7505, CPP-7507).

Full release notes are available by the link.

Download the build or get a patch update in case you are using previous CLion EAP, build 163.4396.13.

Download CLion 2016.3 EAP

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