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CLion 2017.2 EAP: CMake Cancel and more


A new CLion 2017.2 EAP is now available (build 172.2953.14).

C++ code analysis

CLion supports va_* macros in a more accurate way now. This means less false-positive code analysis, like for example, incorrect unused code inspection (CPP-9748).

Besides, CLion now works more accurately with GCC and Clang compiler predefined macros.


After optimizing the parsing of the compiler predefined macros in CLion, some performance improvement during the reindexing was achieved.


CMake reload can take significant time, and sometimes you decide to cancel when it’s already running (to introduce additional changes or just to postpone this time-consuming operation). It’s now possible in CLion – Stop button is available in the CMake tool window:
If you enable the auto-reload function, then currently running CMake command will be stopped automatically, in case you continue typing in CMake file, and the new one will be scheduled.

Besides, CLion now prints [Finished] in every output tab for each CMake configuration being reloaded and finished (not cancelled):cmake_finished

Check the full release notes here.

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