Live Webinar: Refactoring C++ code

This webinar will give an introduction to finding code smells and refactoring them towards cleaner code.

It will show how to break down a refactoring into small steps that are easy to perform safely with the help of CLion’s powerful automated refactorings aides or manually, if needed. In addition, it will touch on the most important strategies we can use to stay in control of the refactoring process.

Join us Thursday, August 17th, 4pm – 5pm GMT (6pm – 7pm CEST, 9am – 10am PDT).

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About the presenter:

Arne MertzArne Mertz
Arne has been an enterprise C++ developer for almost a decade. Due to his involvement in large legacy projects in the insurance market, he has developed an interest in software craftmanship topics. Since the beginning of 2015 he blogs frequently about modern C++, clean code and related topics. Arne works at Zühlke Engineering, currently dipping his toes into the world of C++ on embedded devices.





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