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Live Webinar: Refactoring C++ code

This webinar will give an introduction to finding code smells and refactoring them towards cleaner code. It will show how to break down a refactoring into small steps that are easy to perform safely with the help of CLion’s powerful … Continue reading

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Become multi-armed with CLion’s multiple cursors

Sometimes effectiveness is how quickly you can type. For example, having code appear simultaneously in multiple places can come in handy. In this blog post, we are going to explain how CLion can help you do this with its multiple … Continue reading

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Refactorings in CLion: be safe and quick

Code refactorings are used to restructure your existing code without changing its external behaviour. The most popular is probably the Rename refactoring, which changes the name of a variable, method, class, etc. Refactoring is an essential technique to maintain the … Continue reading

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