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CLion 2017.3 EAP: CMake 3.9 and new color scheme settings


A new CLion 2017.3 EAP (build 173.2941.5) is now available!

Download CLion 2017.3 EAP

Color scheme for C/C++

C/C++ color settings now allow to distinguish function calls and function declarations (CPP-4519). Previously you can only do that through the Editor -> Color Scheme -> Language Defaults, that are common for all languages supported by CLion. Now separate settings for C/C++ are available:

For example, you can make function declarations bold and keep function calls in regular font:

This build also bundles CMake 3.9. The full list of changes is available by the link.

Previous CLion 2017.3 EAP builds addressed:

Download CLion 2017.3 EAP

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