CLion 2019.2 Release Candidate is Here


Please welcome the Release Candidate for the upcoming CLion 2019.2!

To install CLion 2019.2 RC (build 192.5728.70), download it from the website, update from our Toolbox App, or use a snap package (for Ubuntu). Please note that to use CLion 2019.2 RC, you need to either have an active subscription or start a 30-day evaluation period. No patches are provided for this release candidate, but you can expect a patch from the latest 2019.1.4 update to the 2019.2 release version.


This builds brings some cosmetics updates to the recently added Peripherals View. We’ve also fixed some issues related to that view, like having to click the load button twice (CPP-16730) and some incorrect cells coloring in the table (CPP-16746).

In the 2019.2 EAP builds, we’ve enabled an experimental LLDB-based debugger for the Microsoft Visual C++ toolchain. It was also available for MinGW under the same experimental setting. However, while the debugger for MSVC is more or less stable and the improvement path is clear enough, for MinGW the quality was not satisfactory. We’ve decided to turn it off for now, even under the experimental setting, leaving only the MSVC debugger available.

The full release notes are available here.

Your CLion Team
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15 Responses to CLion 2019.2 Release Candidate is Here

  1. Taw says:

    Anastasia, why some versions have only “Download” option, instead of “Upgrade and restart”? For example I am trying to update from 2019.2 EAP to RC, but I only have Download.
    I keep CLion in /opt, it’s not very easy to replace, give folder rights, etc…
    I would love only to Update and restart and that’s all..thanks

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      We never provide patches from EAP to RC due to licensing. The patches to 2019.2 release will be provided from the latest 2019.1.x update.
      In general, when possible (and no technical issues occur) we provide patches between all EAP builds of the same version and between all release updates, including patches from one major update to another one.

      • Tano says:

        I see, thank you.
        Nevertheless, I installed the App Toolbox which seems to work fine, except “clion” is not recognized in the cmdline, although I have it in the “start menu”.
        “Command ‘clion’ not found, but can be installed with:
        sudo snap install clion”

        Is this normal or should I open a bug for it?

  2. Lawrence Millar-Madigan says:

    This question might not be appropriate here but here goes: Why is CLion so cheap? I’d be happy to pay double if it meant faster improvement. I mean, Visual studio is like 4 times the price.

    Maybe you could have a poll to ask if people would like a price increase if it increased development pace a bit? Maybe such a thing could be done through the community somehow. Just an idea. I know it’s a sensitive subject but like I said I personally would pay double for what I’m getting out of the product.

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      Not sure how the price increase correlates with the development speed. We don’t have product budgets, we don’t have any limits or smth here. When the team is lacking the resources, sometimes, of course, it makes sense adding a new member to the team (but not always), however, it’s not a question of money.

      • Roman Popov says:

        Usually there is inverse relationship between price and quality. Good stuff is cheap, while most crappiest tools I’ve ever used cost 100K+ per year.

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