CLion 2020.1 Release Candidate is Here

Please welcome the Release Candidate for the upcoming CLion 2020.1!

To install CLion 2020.1 RC (build 201.6668.86), download it from the website, update from our Toolbox App, or use a snap package (for Ubuntu). Please note that to use CLion 2020.1 RC, you need to either have an active subscription or start a 30-day evaluation period. No patches are provided for this release candidate, but you can expect a patch to update the latest 2019.3 build to the 2020.1 release version.


The main highlights:

  • The Clangd-based engine received the following improvements:
    • A fix for the Clangd crash in the name hints.
    • Incorrect completion in multi-cursor mode is fixed (CPP-19680).
    • Concepts are working again in CLion with the Microsoft Visual C++ toolchain, after recently being broken.
  • CLion no longer fails if the Clang-cl compiler bitness doesn’t correspond to the toolchain bitness. Instead, the IDE passes the correct flags to build the proper binaries.
  • Unit testing improvements:
    • CLion’s automatic arguments for Boost.Test are no longer in conflict with the user’s arguments (CPP-17734).
    • The Google Test built-in test runner no longer incorrectly reports a certain failing test as succeeding (CPP-14927).
    • Google Test targets for v1.8.1+ are now correctly recognized by CLion as Google Test targets, and corresponding Run/Debug configurations are created automatically.

Follow the link to check out the full release notes.

We are now busy putting the final touches on the release, so please report any problems you encounter to our issue tracker. This way, we can sort them out before the final release (though, depending on their priority, the actual fixes might be postponed for later 2020.1.x bug-fix updates).

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