Live Webinar: CLion Ask Me Anything session

Do you have a question you’re dying to ask the CLion team? Are you curious about how to set up remote mode, trying to get started with Arduino, or wondering what breakpoint types are possible in CLion? Or maybe you are interested in our plans regarding Makefiles. Then the Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the CLion team is just the event for you!


Developers from the CLion team will join to cover the following areas of expertise:

  • C/C++ languages support, adoption of new C++ standards in CLion, Clangd-based language engine, code assistance.
  • Project models (CMake, compilation database, and future Makefile support).
  • Debugger integration.
  • The formatter (CLion’s formatter and ClangFormat integration).
  • Unit testing (covering Google Test, Boost.Test, and Catch).
  • Embedded development.
  • Remote development.

Join us on Thursday, May 7, 5pm CEST | 3pm GMT | 8am PDT.

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