CLion 2020.1.2 Bug-fix Update

The second bug-fix update, CLion 2020.1.2 (build 201.7846.88), is now available for download. Get it from our website, via the Toolbox App, or via snap (for Ubuntu). A patch update will be available shortly.


Here are the main highlights:

  • Performance improvements cover cases with laggy typing (CPP-19613, CPP-16207) and slow runs of Google Tests (CPP-20012).
  • Improvements in C++ support including:
    • Quick-fix which suppresses the Unused warning with the [[maybe_unused]] attribute is now more accurate:
      Maybe unused quick-fix
    • Unused parameter check from the Data Flow Analysis inside virtual functions is disabled.
    • Fixes in Clangd-based code completion.
    • New formatter options for spaces before and after the colon in bit fields.
    • And many other small fixes in code analysis.
  • Fixes for CUDA development:
    • Code highlighting no longer breaks after a CUDA kernel code (CPP-20356).
    • Support for the __device__ and __host__ attributes before parameter lists in lambda expressions.
    • A regression which caused CUDA run configurations to disappear in the previous 2020.1.1 update has been fixed (CPP-20178).
  • Fixes for embedded development:
    • When collecting IAR compiler info, CLion no longer actually builds the project. So projects with the IAR compiler will be loaded in CLion successfully even if some compilation errors are present (CPP-19327).
    • The PlatformIO plugin got a significant update:
      • Highlighting in platformio.ini files is enabled:
      • CMake Profiles are created for the CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES entries in PlatformIO CMake projects (CPP-19478).
      • Various Run/Debug Configurations for running PlatformIO-based projects are now added automatically when a new project is created.
      • The PlatformIO build directory is excluded from the project indexing.
      • PlatformIO actions are now available in Find Action dialog.
  • Unit testing:
    • CLion now supports Catch2 template tests:
      Catch2 template test
    • Fixes for Google Tests in CLion’s built-in test runner, which was not always correctly reporting successful tests.

The full release notes are available here. And stay tuned! The EAP program for the upcoming 2020.2 release is just around the corner ;)


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