Live Webinar: CLion 101 and Beyond

Are you new to CLion or have you been wanting to try it out? Then this webinar is for you!

From a standing start, we’ll get you not just up and running with CLion, but get you super productive right away – and set you on the path to hyper-productivity!



We’ll cover installation (briefly), finding your way around the UI, the fastest way to access any action in the application, and how to set things up the way you like them. We’ll then see how you can use CLion to full advantage as an ongoing assistant for your code, showing you where you might have gone wrong – and even how to fix it! We’ll also show how you can navigate huge and complex codebases like a pro, and even get CLion to write or refactor code for you.

Finally, we’ll look at how to run and debug code in different ways – even on remote machines.


Our speaker is Phil Nash. Phil is the author of the C++ test framework, Catch2, and composable command line parser, Clara. As Developer Advocate at JetBrains he’s involved with CLion, AppCode and ReSharper C++. More generally he’s an advocate for good testing practices, TDD and using the type system and functional techniques to reduce complexity and increase correctness. He’s previously worked in Finance and Mobile as well as an independent consultant and coach specialising in TDD on iOS.

Join us on Tuesday, June 23, 5pm CEST | 3pm GMT | 8am PDT.

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