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JetBrains C++ Team At CppCon 2020

The CppCon conference will be taking place fully online this year. And of course the JetBrains C++ team wouldn’t dream of missing the biggest C++ community event of the year!

We’ll join CppCon 2020 with a one-day virtual room hosted by CppCon over Remo on Thursday, September 17. And the great thing is that our CppCon virtual room is open to everyone!

JetBrains C++ Team at CppCon

What’s in the room:

Access to the JetBrains virtual room is free but you need to register beforehand. Once we process your registration, we’ll send you an email with a link that grants you access to the room. Note that having access to the JetBrains online room does not give you access to CppCon conference content.

Come and visit us in the JetBrains CppCon virtual room, hosted on Remo, on September 17.


See you there,
JetBrains C++ team

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