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We normally start September off with an announcement about our conference trip, our yearly tour of community events. This is an exclusive opportunity for us to meet our users in person, show them a tip or two on how to use our C++ tools, help them with their issues and their questions, and learn from them.

2020 has been challenging for all of us. Offline events, with their tremendous networking value, are on-hold. On the bright side, a new world of online events is evolving, and our C++ team is adapting to this brave new world!

What took place in June – August

In July, C++ Russia Moscow transformed into C++ Russia Online. Some of our most fantastic memories from this event involve a pair of interviews – with Bjarne Stroustrup and Herb Sutter. The recordings are not available yet, but they should be eventually. In the meantime, another edition of the conference, which will also be online, will take place in November, and the call for papers is still open (until August 31)! The conference will host a mix of international speakers, with talks presented in Russian and English, so everyone is very welcome to submit their presentations.

In July, Phil Nash hosted an online version of C++ on Sea. It was a success with a great line-up of speakers who remained to support the event as it migrated online. JetBrains joined too, with a talk from a member of the CLion team. If you want to learn which standards and technologies C++ developers tend to use in 2020, check out the talk, which was based on the JetBrains State of Developer Ecosystem report:

What’s coming up

September will kick off with two major events happening in the community. NDC TechTown has upgraded the majority of its talks to workshops. So you now can not only listen to a regular 1-hour talk, but you’ll also be able to interact with the speakers, stop them at any point to ask for more information, check things on your own, and get answers to all your questions. There are two workshops being hosted by JetBrains speakers:

But wait… isn’t September the month when CppCon usually happens? Yes, it is! CppCon is also fully online this year. And of course the JetBrains C++ team won’t be missing the biggest C++ community event of the year.


As we’re really missing interactive formats, we’ll join CppCon 2020 with a one-day virtual room hosted by CppCon over Remo on Thursday, Sep 17:

  • At 8:40 AM and 2:45 PM MDT time (4:40 PM and 10:45 PM CET), Phil Nash will teach you a few tips and tricks on how to become more productive when coding modern C++ in CLion.
  • The JetBrains C++ team will also be available in the virtual room for some interactive Q&A time. We’ll be around to answer your questions, share tips and roadmap plans, and we’ll surely have smiles for everyone who drops by to say hi :)

And the great thing is that our CppCon virtual room is open to everyone! It is, of course, still restricted by the general participants number limitation in Remo. Nevertheless, you can still join us in the virtual room even if you don’t have a CppCon ticket. We’ll announce the details later. Stay tuned!

As for the main program, there is set of workshops and talks from Phil Nash:

We’ll keep you updated about other events that are coming up later this year, and we are obviously waiting for the offline conferences to start up again so we can see all of you in person. But for now, we look forward to seeing you online! And stay safe.

Your C++ team,
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