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CLion 2020.2.5 Bug-fix Update

CLion 2020.2.5, build 202.8194.17, is available for download from our website, via Toolbox App, or as a snap (for Ubuntu). A patch update will be available shortly.


The most important fixes:

  • For macOS Big Sur users:

    • Fixed an issue where opening a project in a new window results in opening the project in another tab (JBR-2879).
    • Fixed a problem causing CLion to crash after exiting sleep mode (JBR-2790).
  • UI:

    • Fixed Find and Replace actions forgetting the size of the text area if it was changed by the user (IDEA-248210).
  • VCS:

    • The pull dialog now correctly suggests pulling from the latest entered branch instead of the tracked branch (IDEA-251554).

You can find the full release notes here.

Meanwhile, CLion 2020.3 is already at the Beta stage! Once the release is shipped, you’ll be able to update and use it with your current license if you have an active subscription.

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