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CLion 2021.3 Goes Beta!

We are fast approaching the release – CLion 2021.3 has now reached Beta! Build 213.5744.5 is available from our website, via the Toolbox App, or as a snap package (for Ubuntu). No license is required, as this build is still free to use.

CLion 2021.3 Beta


CMake generator UI

A new UI for setting the CMake generator was added to the CMake Profile settings page (Preferences/Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | CMake). You can use the default value for the toolchain selected or set any generator from the predefined list:
CMake generator UI

When the UI field is used, CMake options on the same page are updated automatically and vice versa.

In the first 2021.3 EAP builds we made Ninja the default generator. However, there were a few annoying issues with Ninja and some concerns about whether this change really improved the user experience. So we limited the number of cases where Ninja is used as the default. Now for local toolchains (excluding Remote, Docker, and WSL) and CMake v3.20 and higher, Ninja is used as the default generator for newly created projects or projects opened in CLion for the first time.

Auto import for header files belonging to the project

Another follow-up to a recently introduced change was added to the Beta build. CLion’s auto import now uses "" instead of <> for header files belonging to the project. This default behavior can now be changed by turning off Settings | Editor | General | Auto Import | C/C++ | Auto import local files with quotes.

Other highlights

  • Attaching to the local process now works with WSL debugger (CPP-12054).
  • Performance:
    • Optimized debugger performance (CPP-26408).
    • Addressed high CPU usage when working with LLVM sources on Windows 10 (CPP-26740).
  • Fixed parsing for namespaced concepts (CPP-27040).
  • Fixed several issues with refactorings and intention actions.

You can find the full release notes here.


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