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CLion Bug-Fix Update 2022.1.3

We are announcing the CLion 2022.1.3 bug-fix update. Build 221.5921.27 is available from our website, via the Toolbox App, as a snap for Ubuntu, or via patch from the IDE itself.


Here are the main highlights:

  • The Rename refactoring was fixed and is now applied to the correct code range (CPP-29442).
  • CLion now checks for changes in the environment after every CMake reload. This way the IDE will suggest that you clean the CMake cache and reload CMake when CLion decides it’s necessary. For example, this happens when Xcode is updated. (CPP-28706)
  • VCS:
    • Ctrl+Click (On Windows and Linux) / Cmd+Click (on macOS) in the Git Log panel has been fixed and now works as expected (IDEA-292405).
    • We’ve resolved the UI issue causing the truncated VCS in-editor menu (IDEA-294928).

The full release notes are available here.

If you’d like to evaluate new features and enhancements before they make it into the final release, the CLion 2022.2 Early Access Program is currently running and brings you the following improvements:

  • CMake Cache editor.
  • Quick Documentation in CMake.
  • Values of constant expressions in the Quick Documentation popup.
  • Interval Analysis in DFA capable of catching issues like Array out of bounds.
  • Symbol Servers when debugging on Windows.

And many others. You can find the list of changes and the recent builds on this page.

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