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Using a PEmicro Multilink Debug Probe With CLion

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In this video, we show how to use CLion together with a PEmicro Multilink debug probe in order to develop, build, and debug code on an ARM-based microcontroller. For this example, our target device will be a BluePill with an STM32F103 ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, and we will be implementing “Blinky”, i.e. making an LED blink.

We show how to install the required software, connect the hardware, configure and generate the project, create a run configuration in CLion, and finally build and run the code.

00:00 Intro
00:15 Our setup and hardware
01:51 Installing the software
03:32 Connecting hardware
05:05 Configuring and generating project
06:10 Open the project in CLion
06:32 Writing “blinky” code
07:32 Creating run configuration
08:12 Building and running the code

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