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CLion 2023.1.2 Bug-Fix Update: Fix for Docker, CMake, Debugger, and More

We hope you’ve already tried the new enhancements in the CLion 2023.1 release, like disassemble on demand, vcpkg integration, and the experimental Clangd-based indexer. We’re starting to plan the 2023.2 version now, and you can already check out the preliminary roadmap. CLion 2023.2 is planned as a quality-focused release, but in the meantime, we’re continuing to improve v2023.1 with the CLion 2023.1.2 bug-fix update!

Download build 231.8770.66 from our website, through the Toolbox App, as a snap for Ubuntu, or via patch from the IDE.


  • Docker toolchain:
    • CUDA projects can now be opened successfully in CLion with a Docker toolchain (CPP-31357).
    • We fixed the issue that prevented CLion from finding some headers inside a Docker toolchain, like in the example with ROS2 in this report.
  • CMake
    • We added support for comments in the CMakePresets.json schema.
    • CLion can now successfully parse the CMake presets files containing byte order marks (BOM) (CPP-26352).
    • We enlarged the space for the CMake cache variables table in the CMake profile settings in CLion (CPP-29390).
  • Debugger
  • Inlay hints
    • We fixed the performance degradation caused by inlay hints to prevent the Go to Declaration action from hanging (CPP-32273).
    • We fixed the incorrect parameter hint for abbreviated function templates (CPP-32470).
  • Unit testing
    • We added support for doctest::may_fail().
  • Other improvements
    • TextMate bundles now work correctly with the registered file extensions (CPP-32527).
    • Previously set window sizing is preserved after restarting the IDE on Linux (IDEA-313378).
    • The IDE no longer flickers when working on Linux using two screens (JBR-5417).
    • It’s again possible to move the IDE’s tool windows between two monitors when using KDE (IDEA-313243).
    • Compact Mode has been enhanced.

Full release notes are here.

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