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CLion 2023.2 EAP Starts Now!

We recently shared our plans for the quality-focused CLion 2023.2 release in this roadmap blog post. We plan to refine many of the recently introduced features like vcpkg integration, Disassemble on Demand, and the Clangd-based experimental indexer. We’ll also continue improving Memory View, bringing more to CMake code insight, and reworking the PlatformIO integration. Good news – some of the enhancements are already ready!

And the CLion 2023.2 Early Access Program starts today! EAP builds are free to use. Give them a try, and let us know what you think about the changes! Share your feedback in the comments below or in our issue tracker.

CLion 2023.2 EAP

Build 232.5150.115 is available from our website, via the Toolbox App, or as a snap package if you are using Ubuntu.


Here are the main highlights of this first EAP build:

Docker in WSL

If your project contains a Docker file with a Linux-based environment and you want to develop your application in it from a Windows machine, you can set this up in CLion using WSL and Docker.

After addressing this issue, you can now select the Docker WSL option and get everything working in CLion:

Docker in WSL toolchain

Be aware that wsl.conf requires several changes to get debugger output in such a setup.


This EAP build adds highlighting and completion for new parameters from CMake 3.25 (CPP-32140).

CMake 3.25 introduced a new block command to execute a group of commands in a requested scope. We added support for the new command to CLion’s parser, so it’s now highlighted, formatted, folded, and documented correctly.
CMake block

As a next step, we plan to add support for variable scopes in PARENT_SCOPE and block (CPP-32483).


To improve debugging of external libraries for remote toolchains, CLion now correctly handles breakpoints set in them and downloads missing source files on demand (CPP-32278).

In the attach to process dialog, you can now select any debugger configured in the toolchains (CPP-32316). This makes it possible to attach to processes launched on a remote machine! The debugger is taken from the remote toolchains configured in Settings/Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Toolchains in this case.
Attach to process dialog

Disassemble on demand got a few fixes for the Windows LLDB debugger (for the Microsoft Visual C++ toolchain):

  • Stepping in the disassembly view now works as expected, executing one instruction per step (CPP-32979).
  • We fixed the missing function name in the disassembly view (CPP-32439).

Memory View now supports on-the-fly memory editing and displays the value right after editing.

To keep up with the latest debugger updates, CLion 2023.2 EAP bundles LLDB v16 and GDB v13.1.

Other improvements

  • Run/Debug configurations
    • When opening a .cpp file as a project, the Run/Debug configuration dialog now appears, allowing you to perform all necessary configuration (CPP-32880).
    • In CLion, you can compile and Run/Debug a single file without creating, loading, and building a whole project. The compilation options provided in the dedicated Run/Debug configuration have been added after the source file, addressing various issues like this one with the libraries.
  • QML support
    • We added support for Inline components (CPP-31850).
    • We fixed the “Newline or semicolon expected” error that occurred for some properties (CPP-31880).
    • We fixed the auto-detection for Qt paths on Windows (CPP-32203).

This build also includes various small fixes in code hints, Clang-Tidy integration, code analyzer, profilers, and others. The full release notes are available here.


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