DataGrip 1.0 (formerly 0xDBE): A new IDE for DBs and SQL

Hi there,

For a year and a half we ran an Early Access Program (EAP) for this product while it was still known as 0xDBE. At some point one needs to stop and draw the line.

We thank all of you who gave us feedback and we’re looking forward to your help with the following versions.

So please welcome DataGrip 1.0, our IDE for databases and SQL!


Access major database management systems

  • Big players on the market: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase
  • Popular among the community: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Small but useful: SQLite, Apache Derby, HyperSQL and H2

Modify database objects and get resulting scripts

DataGrip provides a UI for operations like creating/modifying tables and managing their columns, keys and indices. Execute generated code at once, or open it in the text editor and continue to work with the DDL script directly.


Write SQL efficiently and avoid repetitive coding

With DataGrip you can write code faster by making use of code completion. Just start typing the name of a database object, identifier or variable to get a list of matching suggestions. DataGrip is aware of dependencies for completing JOIN clauses, can suggest types of parameters for functions and procedures, and describe table structure for INSERT statements. There are Live Templates for generating conventional parts of statements – use the default ones and create new ones as well.


Navigate through the code and rename as you type

DataGrip resolves object references in SQL files. If you rename a variable or alias, they will be renamed throughout the code. If you rename database objects from SQL, they will also be renamed in the actual database.

The IDE shows usages of objects (table, column, etc.) or variables in dedicated views. Navigation tools help you select an object in various contexts like the editor, schema view, and others.


Work with data and explore relationships

Powerful table editor lets you add, remove, edit, and clone data rows. Use the filter text field to see only the data you need, without writing WHERE clauses. The other way to find what you need is the text search. It’s helpful if you don’t know which exact column contains the data you’re looking for. Regular expressions are available in the text search. Navigate through the data by foreign keys—you can go to the data your row is referring to and vice versa.


Profile queries and compare results

Choose what you want DataGrip to do when the Execute button is clicked—execute the subquery, execute the outer query, or execute the whole script. Do you want a particular part of code to be executed? Just select it and run. Execution plan is provided. Result-set is similar to the table editor with the same options available including adding/deleting rows, text search, and data navigation. Compare two result-sets in diff viewer.


DataGrip is based on IntelliJ Platform which brings:

  • Text editor with multiple cursors and syntax-aware selection
  • Version control systems integration: Git, Subversion, etc.
  • Plugin ecosystem: Terminal, Textmate bundles, etc.

See DataGrip features page for CSV editor, diagrams, parameterized queries and more.


Is DataGrip available via JetBrains ToolBox as part of the “All Products” pack?
Yes, it is available both as a Single IDE and as part of “All Products.” If you already have “All Products,” you can already use DataGrip.

Does DataGrip repeat the functionality of the database tools in other JetBrains IDEs?
Yes, the first version focuses on that core functionality.

Can I use DataGrip with SQL dialects that are not listed?
Yes, JDBC driver is the only requirement.

Are stored code debugging, administration tools and NoSQL features planned?
Yes, we’re going to add this functionality in future versions.

Can I suggest a feature or communicate my feedback?
Yes! Please talk to us via the feedback form, issue tracker, community forums, and Twitter.

The DataGrip team
The Drive to Develop

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120 Responses to DataGrip 1.0 (formerly 0xDBE): A new IDE for DBs and SQL

  1. Rymson Balentien says:

    I love 0xDBE and I’ve used it quite a lot this past year, submitting bugs and feature requests whenever I felt it was appropriate, and I want to congratulate you on your v1 release! That said I’m not sure yet I feel as 0xDBE was ready to go live..We are still missing important schema information within the tool (triggers and constraints being the most important). I’m also not sure if the text-only explain plan cuts it, as the ‘raw desc’ column which sometimes contains useful information is unreadable, as it contains too much information (SQLSERVER). Are these features still being worked on? I guess I’ll sit 0xDBE out until january 9th, when my current install expires and see what to do from there. The only issue is that I can’t see myself working with SSMS anymore either.. :)

    • Rymson Balentien says:

      I just wanted to add that even though there are some issues I still think 0xDBE is currently the best tool out there!

    • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Rymson! Since you are one of the most active EAPers and, in fact, our advocate, we plan to give you a one year licence for DataGrip for free.

      • Rymson Balentien says:

        Dear Maksim,

        I’m sorry I am replying this late. I missed this comment. Indeed I received a license from you guys for which I am very grateful! I’ve recently switched jobs so I haven’t posted many bug requests, but don’t worry I will stay as active as ever before (as well as get my colleagues to use it as well!)

    • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      Some time passed and now we support triggers and constraints :)

  2. Graham says:

    This repeats the functionality in Intellij, but does it add any more features over and above Intellij? If they are equal right now, will that always be the case? Would be nice to see a feature comparison chart.

    • Andrey Cheptsov says:

      The latest version of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate includes the functionality of DataGrip 1.0. Still, DataGrip is focused on working with databases and SQL and thus may provide better user experience as a standalone IDE.

  3. trailmax says:

    How large the databases can this tool handle? I’ve got a DB with hundreds of tables, with hundreds of fields inside of each table, many thousands of views, sprocs, functions. Many third-party tools just choke on this monster, only SSMS barely handles it. Can your tool handle large set of objects?

    • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      Hi! We can handle this kind of databases. So, please download a trial and make sure of it. If there would be some troubles we are always glad to help.

      • trailmax says:

        ah, nevermind. Can’t even connect to local sqlexpress instance.

        • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

          Why? What is the problem?

          • trailmax says:

            I get “Unable to connect to the instance because there possibly network issue blah-blah…”. But instance is online, TCP/IP connectivity is enabled and I can access it through SSMS.
            Possibly issue with SQL Server 2008RC2 – quite dated now, but suspect the jdbc drivers are crap – I’ve spent hours fighting them trying to get TeamCity to work on SQL Server.

          • trailmax says:

            Drop me an email to if need more info for debugging.

        • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

          Hi! Can you please provide a screenshot of connection window?
          Very often case is when the port number points to the other place than an instance name, and port number has a priority.
          If you still have problems, let’s continue via email.

          Is it possible to connect with JDTS driver?

          We actually support 2008RC2.

          • trailmax says:

            Sorry, missed this message. I don’t get notifications for some reason.

            Here is the screenshot:
            Now I’m trying to connect to SQL Server 2012 with Windows Authentication – just the same as with 2008R2.

            I have TCP/IP connections enabled on both instances (2008R2 and 2012) and SQL Server Browser has always been turned on – as Anton suggested below.

        • Anton says:

          I’m not a developer of this program, but faced with the same problem.
          Next two steps:
          1. Enable tcp/ip in sql server configuration manager
          2. Enable SQL Server Browser service (stopped by default)
          Helped me solve this problem

        • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

          Max, let’s try the following at first: just remove the port number and try to connect.

    • Bruno Paschoali says:


      Problably, your problem is firewall blocking the port that you are using. Try to desativate firewall just for test.

  4. Mihai says:

    This sounds great. What I need it to be is a competitor to Sql Server Data Tools.

    It should let me write only the create table statement (or stored proc etc) and automatically diff with a deployed database. From that it needs to generate an update script that I can use on that database. If this is not already there can we get a youtrack request for this and +1 it?

    Obviously it must have version control and the smart suggestions we’ve come to expect from JetBrains.

  5. Leo Lozes says:

    Just tested it for a few minutes, hoping that I could dump Toad and use this instead. The first things I noticed:

    – There’s no editing in the result grid when you execute a statement from a table with the ROWID attribute (like Toad does). It’s pretty useful.
    – The XMLTYPE editing doesn’t seem to work well, I get an [72000][1461] ORA-01461 error.
    – The PL/SQL packages are not parsed correctly, almost everything is in red.

    On the other side:
    – Very easy to configure, I got my three connections working in 5 minutes.
    – The autocomplete works great.

  6. Albatros says:

    Is there any support for sqlite in the future

  7. Michal says:

    Will thee be some community version or student license?

    I have used it a lot with postgres, I have got quite used to it.


  8. Jake Pogorelec says:

    I have been using 0xDBe for a long time now and they even implemented DB2 on iSeries when I posted it (They were currently only supporting DB2 on Linux) Anyhow I really love using this product!

  9. Jerry says:

    What are the current plans for No SQL support? I’d love a legitimate IDE tool for working with Mongo and Cassandra

  10. Charlie says:

    Can you import and export excel sheets? Map columns on import?

    • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      We have no import excel sheets. What about exporting, there is an export to CSV and if the tab is a separator, excel will open this kind of file.

      • Charlie says:

        I was showing data grip to our database guy at work and this is the first feature he asked for. There are many times when someone will hand him an excel sheet and he needs to import it into our database. Half the time the columns don’t line up exactly so being able to map them on import is a must. Exporting is not a likely as high as a priority, but I’m sure it would save time being able to hand someone an excel sheet back instead of having to do the manual conversion first. He currently uses SQL Studio with SQL Server, but we’re thinking of migrating to Postgres and looking at alternative software. I use Intellij Idea so this is why I had him try out Data Grip.

  11. Steven Barnett says:

    Seems I’m way to thick to use this product. While SQL Management Studio opens and connects without problems, I’ve not found the magic words that allow me to connect to my local SQL Express instance using DataGrip. I did manage to get at a SQLite database though, so there is hope for me yet! Guess I just wait for a FAQ or some kind person to post clues on stackoverflow.

    • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      Hi, Steven! Can you please provide a screenshot of connection window?
      Very often case is when the port number points to the other place than an instance name, and port number has a priority.

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  13. Billy Cravens says:

    Been running latest versions on up-to-date beefy MBP, and it crashes without warning. Possibly a Java runtime issue? (I think I’m using OSX’s stock)

  14. Ali says:

    I’ve been using the 0xDBE since Dec 2014, alongside Intellij to connect to my hadoop clusters. Its been great. Curious if datagrip will be treated similar to PyCharm, where most of functions will be available as a plugin for Intellij?

  15. laispace says:


    Any plan for supporting nosql such as MongoDB?

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  17. Dev says:

    No Visual Studio extension?

  18. Don says:

    Ok, gave it a go.

    What it is done right:

    * UI
    * Master password
    * Driver management
    * Data result extractors

    What needs to be improved (must haves for our use case):

    * table/field name substitution in the query, to avoid typing
    * database exploring capability – tables, views, constraints
    * anonymous sessions. not everything needs to be a file
    * folders for database connections – with 60 odd databases configured it is hard to find the right one
    * A keyboard shortcut to open up a new tab for a connection
    * ability to limit the output lines (impractical to select all 100k lines just to see if the query works), not all DBs support limit clause
    * ability to switch connections for the open tab

    Get in touch with me directly if you’d need more input how to make a dev’s work more productive

    • Don says:

      * table/substitution turns out to be there
      * Database exploring capability is there.

      It is unclear though as to when and how these become available. After the schemas were manually set?.
      So if there is an issue – there is no indication of it.

      * The row limit is there but it is a setting somewhere deep in the menus. One can not change it for the next run that easily

      • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

        Don, thank you for the feedback.

        * anonymous sessions
        * folders for database connections
        * ability to switch connections for the open tab
        Useful and we shall think, thanks!

        * A keyboard shortcut to open up a new tab for a connection
        Here you can do the following:
        Windows/Linux — Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S → Alt+Ins
        Mac — Cmd+; → Cmd+N

        For all features you can create tickets in issue tracker and people will vote for them.

  19. Jerry Boonstra says:

    I’m trying to upgrade from 0xDBE to DataGrip, but it can’t find my 0xDBE settings. Known problem or just me?

  20. Tim Bissell says:

    I like using OxDBE as a pure database access tool when firing up Idea is too slow…

    One feature I would like is to be able to see the passwords stored in the data sources; useful if you want open the database in a different tool, and you can’t remember what it is…

  21. Carlton Dickson says:

    Was hoping that you would create a DB client as the existing ones are average, so it’s a nice surprise to see this released. PHPSTORM smashed existing PHP IDEs out of the park so hopefully this will do the same.

    Is it possible to change the background/theme per data source (I do this to remind myself I’m on TEST/LIVE DB connections :))

    I guess an alternative is to make the connection read-only.

  22. Brandon Lamb says:

    Hey there, we are using DB2 on iseries/ibmi/as400/systemi (so many names) and we make extensive use of stored procedures.

    It seems there is difficulty in calling a sproc that has an out parameter.

    CALL api_my_sproc_v1_0 (”, ‘ENG’, 10, 0, ?);

    2015-12-23 19:38:09] [42886][-469] [SQL0469] IN, OUT, or INOUT not valid for parameter 5 in procedure API_MY_SPROC_V1_0 in *N.

    Is there a trick to doing this? using the jt400 open drivers and not the jdbc4

  23. Vantis says:

    Hi, I got a trouble while adding a new data source.

    there should be more databases in “Data Sources and Drivers/Schemas” tab but I cannot find them. Only if I declared the database could I can see the database not displayed before.

    It’s an old SQL Server.

  24. cuibty says:

    It does not support stored procedures?

  25. butsupphu says:

    I did manage to get at a SQLite database though, so there is hope for me yet! Where is this information?

  26. Wayne says:


    Is there a way to view all the databases on the server?

    It seems like I can only see one database for each connection I establish. I would like an overall view of all the databases.


    • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      Hello! Do you use MS SQL? Try looking on Schemas tab in data source properties.

      • Mat says:

        Hello, This is exactly what i was looking for. My only feature request here would be a select all button. At my company we have 50ish db’s on a MS Sql Server and I have to constantly switch to different ones based on the client I’m working for at that moment in time. So it would be nice to just say select all the Schema’s so I don’t have to manually go threw and select them.

  27. Ivan says:


    quick ask: Does it support PL\SQL? Because i didn’t see any of it on the documentation.


  28. Alex says:

    How can I view the triggers of a table?

  29. Vasily says:

    Hi! I like your products, and they’re really fantastic, but with DataGrip I got some butthurt comparing to Navicat (which I’ve decided to leave because of lags, stupid scrolls and such problems of usability when using Mac version – on Windows it works really good)
    So, on DataGrip:
    Altering tables means pain. Too many steps for editing column, no way to change columns order – even if there is some, I gave up looking for it. Arrows is always grey, drag-n-drop displays line where to place column, but then do nothing. So I do it by raw SQL -> No profit from IDE.
    There is no Excel export. And don’t say about CSV, my clients use only Excel, and when it comes to transformation of CSV file encoding with cyrillic text from UTF-8 to what-ever-mac-excel-can-read – it’s pain and time loses.
    For my other workflows everything is ok:)

  30. Nikos says:

    I use webstorm, whats the best way to get this to fit in?

    Great news btw!!!

  31. Josian Chevalier says:

    Hey ! I’m not an expert in database management, but I have to admit I’m quite lost with this tool. I’m working on an oracle database, and I’m struggling to find functionalities for triggers or packages. Basically, I can’t see my triggers, nor add packages.

    I actually find it more instinctive and complete to use the database integration provided by the plug-in “DB Navigator”. I suppose most of the functionalities that I can’t find are available, but he difficulty of finding it makes it kind of unusable.

    The autocomplete is very efficient though, but I wouldn’t buy and IDE just to use it as an SQL editor. I absolutely loved all the JetBrains’ product I used, but this one feels like a beta version. I use the All Products Pack though, so I’ll follow the evolutions.

    • Josian Chevalier says:

      Also, Importing my settings from PHPStorm completely fucked up the keymap, erasing most of the shortcuts. The same thing worked perfectly from PHPStorm to PyCharm and IntellijIDEA.

  32. Wayne Fehres says:

    I just downloaded the latest trail version on a Mac (10.11.3). It refuses to accept my Active Directory credentials when connecting to a Microsoft SQL 2012 R2 server. I tried to enter it in several ways (ex: domain/username).

    This looks like a promising product for my team but I need to get this working first.

  33. Bill Dee says:

    Can I export data to Excel?

  34. MENGMENG SUN says:

    My DataGrip became super super slow since two weeks ago. Even typing a query in console can be frozen several time. When i’m working in DataGrip Most time it can consume up to 200% CPU and 1.5 GB memory. I’m using MAC Pro with 2.6 GHz Core i7, 16 GB DDR3 and SSD. I would like to attach some screenshots from Activity Monitor but I’m not able to.

    Any thoughts?

    • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      Hello! We’ve fixed this in 2016.1, so you can download RC from here:
      or wait for the official release.

  35. Frank Opitz says:

    I have trouble to dump data as sql insert regarding timestamps. For example when I execute my sql insert script on MSSQL server I get a conversion error converting a varchar to a timestamp. Is there a possibility to create a dump with correct timestamp formatting?

  36. Cvetan Simsic says:

    Is is possible to import/export whole database through DataGrip? And if, how?

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  38. Tim Davis says:

    Hi, does this product support PL\V8

  39. I want to use this, but I need Mongo support :|

  40. carlos arana says:

    in mssql server timestamp column is automatic and can be edited ,
    i receive this error:
    [S0001][273] Cannot insert an explicit value into a timestamp column. Use INSERT with a column list to exclude the timestamp column, or insert a DEFAULT into the timestamp column.

    How can i force to not include the timestamp field in editor ? not hide please

  41. sebastien says:

    Datagrip looks very promissing
    I’ve been using Querious for 3 months and it suits me well, but i like intellij products and i wanted to test Datagrip.
    I had 0 problem connecting to my datasources, but i lost plenty of time trying to use mysql 5.7. The code inspection wouldn’t let me use ‘JSON’ types, it looks like something in the code inspection needs some update ? :/
    I also updated my mysql Driver but nothing helped. i posted a thread here :

  42. Data Guy says:

    I love this tool.
    The code complete is great, I can write long SQL expressions really quickly now.
    After a few weeks of testing, the only issue that has me jumping back to dbVisualizer is that I can’t edit “cells” sometimes.
    Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t.
    It’s not a data issue, I can’t even set them to null sometimes.
    I enter the value, it spins and thinks for a split second, then tells my “0 rows updated”.
    The table has a primary key id field and dbVisualizer can figure out how to update the value.
    Sometimes I can literally just try over and over and it will eventually work.

  43. Charlie Catney says:

    We have a multi tenant environment where all our customers (> 2k) have their own DB with the same schema.

    Is there a facility to execute an SQL command on multiple databases (on the same server) at the same time?

    Ideally I would like a way to filter which databases to execute the command against.

  44. The Alchemist says:

    I don’t wanna sound entitled, but here we go.

    I was a beta tester for 0xDBE and filed a few bug reports, with screenshots and stack traces and everything.

    I was hoping I would get a complimentary license as a result, or a discount or something. :(

    • Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      Hello! We sent free licenses for those who report bugs during 0xDBE period, yes. AS far as I remember we sent them to those who reported more than 6 bugs. Was it true for you?

  45. this tool seems good. Can I use this for my website to fetch the customers data?

  46. danish says:

    i have 7 year experience sql server very power full and better support query and functions
    manipulation very good

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