DataGrip Competitive Discount: 25% Off

There is plenty of SQL tools on the market, from simple editors to IDEs that provide support for multitude of technologies. They have one thing in common, though: we consider them to be DataGrip competition. We believe that switching to DataGrip is surely going to make it worth your while in itself, but we also know that nobody wants to pay double for their tools.

This is why we’re offering 25% off DataGrip subscription price for a proof of purchase of a competitive database development product.

To apply for competitive discount, please attach a proof of purchase of a competitive product to the following request form. It may be an invoice, receipt or any similar document.


Competitive discount can’t be combined with other discounts (such as start-up or volume discounts), and doesn’t apply to existing DataGrip subscriptions. All the applications are reviewed manually, so please be patient.

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