Minor updates

DataGrip 1.0.2 Update is Released

Hi! We are glad to introduce you a new DataGrip update. Please take a look at the most notable changes it brings.

This January PostgreSQL 9.5 was released, and DataGrip now supports syntax highlighting and completion for its new features:

Сustom types in SQL Server (alias types and table types)  are now introspected and available for completion:
Custom types

Table and column comments can now be modified and created from UI:

We’ve also added a possibility to truncate multiple tables at once:


To update your copy of DatGrip, use the Check for Update menu command, or download the latest DataGrip 1.0.2 setup from our website.

Please check the release notes for the complete list of changes.

We appreciate your feedback on changes in our forum and your bug reports is our issue tracker.

The DataGrip team
The Drive to Develop

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